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Date: 05-13-2016

Case Style: Kylynn Deleon v. Shanta, Inc. d/b/a Green Carpet Inns

Case Number: CJ-2016-879

Judge: Thomas E. Price

Court: District Court, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Gary Bachman, Steve Bachman, Bryan Garrett

Defendant's Attorney:

Description: Oklahoma City, OK - Kylynn Deleon, mother and next friend for Kyleeanna LaPlane, a minor, sued Shanta, Inc. d/b/a Green Carpet Inns on premises liability theories claiming:

1. The Plaintiff resides within Oklahoma County, State of Oklahoma.

2. The Defendant, Green Carpet Inns, is a corporation doing business within the State of Oklahoma.
3. On July 23, 2015, Plaintiff, Kyleeanna LaPlante, was an invitee on the premises of the Defendant. Defendant negligently failed to properly secure a television in Plaintiff's room causing it to fall on top of the minor Plaintiff.
4. The Defendant, Green Carpet Inns, was negligent, including but not limited to:
a. Failing to properly maintain the premises in a safe condition for its invitees, such as Kyleeanna LaPlante.
b. Failing to properly secure televisions to ensure that they were in fact safe for use by invitees; and,

c. Failing to provide adequate training of its employees to ensure the premises are safe for its invitees, including, but not limited to, the training of proper installation and securing of televisions to ensure they are not a hazard to invitees.

5. As a result of the negligence of the Defendant, the Plaintiff, Kyleeanna LaPlante, by and through her mother, Klynn Deleon, sustained permanent injuries, and has incurred medical bills and will in the future incur medical bills; she has experienced pain and suffering and, in the future, will experience pain, suffering and permanent disability.
6. By reason of the above and foregoing, the Plaintiff, Kyleeanna LaPlante, by and through her mother, Klynn Deleon, has been damaged in the sum in excess of the amount required for diversity jurisdiction pursuant to Section 1332 of Title 28 of the United States Code.

Outcome: Settled for $26,500.00 and dismissed with prejudice.

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