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Date: 03-09-2024

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In re the Marriage of Jimmy and Ellen Zhou

Case Number: FDI-20-782937

Judge: Not Available

Court: Superior Court, San Francisco County, California

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: San Francisco, California family law divorce lawyers represented the parties.

In January 2020 Jimmy Zhou petitioned the San Francisco Superior Court to dissolve his marriage to Ellen Zhou, for irreconcilable differences. The pleadings requested orders on marital status, the community property estate, spousal support, and attorney fees and costs. Unable to settle, the parties went to trial for two days in January 2022; Jimmy had counsel while Ellen represented herself.[2] For each day's proceeding, the court issued a minute order and a conforming signed findings and order after hearing (Judicial Council Forms, form FL-340). After the trial, the court directed Jimmy to prepare the judgment of dissolution, which the court entered on February 15, 2022. The judgment dissolved the marriage, divided the community property estate, reserved jurisdiction over spousal support, and awarded no attorney fees and costs. One month before the court entered the judgment, Ellen, still representing herself, appealed the two minute orders. Though the orders are nonappealable, we construe the notice of appeal to include the judgment, deem all of Ellen's arguments waived, and affirm.

In re Marriage of Zhou, A164517 (Cal. App. Nov 09, 2023)

Outcome: Affirmed

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