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Date: 03-16-2022

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Commonwealth of Virginia v. Robert Lee Jeffrey, Jr.

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Judge: Not Available

Court: City Circuit Court Roanoke County, Virginia

Plaintiff's Attorney: Commonwealth Attorney's office

Defendant's Attorney: Jonathan Kurtin

Description: Roanoke, Virginia criminal defense lawyer represented Defendant charged with two counts of obtaining money under false pretenses of more than $1,000 from CARES Act money.

Robert Jeffrey, Jr. was a Roanoke City councilman who was indicted by the Commonwealth of Virginia which claimed that he obtained fraudulently lied about his business dealings to the Roanoke Economic Development office, getting away with $15,000. He was supposed to pay his employees, but instead he paid GrubHub, Victoria’s Secret and child support.

Defendant pleaded not guilty.

Violation of 18.2-111, provides:

If any person wrongfully and fraudulently use, dispose of, conceal or embezzle any money, bill, note, check, order, draft, bond, receipt, bill of lading or any other personal property, tangible or intangible, which he shall have received for another or for his employer, principal or bailor, or by virtue of his office, trust, or employment, or which shall have been entrusted or delivered to him by another or by any court, corporation or company, he shall be guilty of embezzlement. Proof of embezzlement shall be sufficient to sustain the charge of larceny. Any person convicted hereunder shall be deemed guilty of larceny and may be indicted as for larceny and upon conviction shall be punished as provided in § 18.2-95 or § 18.2-96.

Outcome: Defendant was found guilty.

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